Submitting An Application

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Submitting An Application

What to Include in Your Design Review Application 

  • A detailed written description of the proposed exterior modification or addition

  • Scale drawings

  • A site plan showing size and location of project

  • Photographs of the existing condition

  • A brochure, detail sheet or catalog photo of materials

  • Estimated project completion date(s) (projects must be started within six (6) months of the date of approval and completed within eighteen (18) months of the date of approval)

  • The signatures of at least three different property owners adjacent to or within view of the applicant’s alteration or improvement. 

  • In addition, if your property is located within a Cluster Association at least one of the signatures must be that of a Cluster Officer.  Please note, the neighbors' acknowledgment is neither an approval nor disapproval of your application.

  • At the discretion of the DRB, applications that the DRB determines to have a wider impact on the community may be required to provide additional notice beyond the signatory requirements of this provision.

    Where to Send Your Completed Design Review Application

    Bring in or mail to the Reston Association your application and any necessary details and related materials.

    RA’s address is:

    Reston Association
    Covenants Administration
    12001 Sunrise Valley Drive
    Reston, VA 20191-3404

    The application may also be faxed to 703-673-2040 or emailed to your Covenants Advisor as an attachment.  
    To contact your property advisor, please email or click here to find your advisor's phone number.

    Your Reston Association Covenants Advisor will contact you if additional information is needed. Reston Association Staff and/or members of the DRB may visit and possibly photograph your property for reference. The Reston Deed grants the Reston Association ingress and egress over the exterior grounds of your property/lot, if needed, in preparation for the review of your application.

    Who is Responsible for Having Your Project Reviewed and Approved?

    You are. The association’s staff and the DRB are willing to work with you and your contractor. As well, your contractor may be able to share his/her knowledge of the design review process with you. However, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your property complies with the Design Covenants and Guidelines.