School Age Programs

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After-School & School Break Camps

Fit Kids After-School Program

When the school day is over, where and how children spend their time is vital to their growth and success in life. At Reston Association, we help kids reach their potential and thrive in a safe, trustworthy setting. Through support and guidance, our after-school program provides the opportunity for children to gain a FIT MIND, a FIT BODY and build a FIT COMMMUNITY working with wonderful local partners.

We know it's important to offer a predictable environment so the children in our community are able to experience the security of knowing what to expect each day. We balance that with a stimulating set of activities that foster an awareness of character, healthy growth and development. Kids can focus on their homework, make new friends, build social skills and create happy memories they'll hold for a lifetime. RA Fit Kids is a place where we hope will become an extension of your home. Giving you the parent /guardian the comfort your child is in a safe, fun and healthy environment. The after-school camps will be held at the Lake House or Brown's Chapel.

Our staff is trained in First Aid/CPR and receives special instruction related to safety and child development. RA staffers provide leadership and support, inspiring all children as wonderful role models. (Click here for important 2016-2017 dates).

RA Fit Kids program encourage children to practice problem solving and stretch their imaginations through hands on arts and crafts, sports and fitness, nature, music, cooking exposure that prompts independent thinking and social skills. We endeavor to teach academic excellence, emotional and physical well being, and social success for our students within a safe and caring environment while working together, engaging minds and building character for a better tomorrow.

RA believes our Fit Kids program will increase the awareness of living a healthy life through fun physical activities and nutritional education. We feel by educating our youth, on staying active, and developing healthy habits they will want to carry with them throughout their lives. Through our Fit Kids program, kids are able to exert energy, try new things, be active with others and make new friends. We know in order for children to have optimal brain function children must be engaged in active play, we feel our Fit Kid Fitness/Nutrition Program will allow the children in our program a wealth of knowledge in how to keep their mind and body's fit.

Service learning is based on the belief that students are an asset to their communities, and have something valuable and essential to offer those around them. Engaging in service-learning projects allows students to see needs in their communities and to as a group, engage in efforts to meet those needs through service projects. Service learning is a form of experiential learning whereby students apply content knowledge, critical thinking and good judgment to address genuine community needs.

  • After-school camp registration forms can be downloaded here.
  • Go to the WebTrac to sign up for a camp online.

School Break Camps

The School Break Camp programs are a great way to keep your child engaged and entertained during school breaks. They are designed to encourage friendships and fun. Reston Association has something for everyone, and so much to choose from including sports, performing arts, crafts, adventure days and more. We offer a safe and engaging atmosphere for your child under supervision of certified counselors.  An afternoon snack will be provided. 

Are you having to work early, or stay late? Extended care is included in your registration if needed. 

Contact Camp Program Manager Dan Merenick for details 703-435 – 6567 or