Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Programs

Reston Association is adding two youth programs and activities to its winter calendar.

“Early childhood programs provide many benefits to the children who participate in them, their families and our community,” said Deputy Director of Recreation Laura Kowlaski.  “I encourage any family that has young children to consider enrolling in one of our programs and enjoy the benefits they provide.”

RA’s philosophy is guided by learning through play, where creativity, problem solving, and thinking are developed. The programs assist children to grow and learn in a stimulating environment, while focusing on the whole child by providing opportunities for social, cognitive, and physical development.  The class offerings will emphasize interaction with peers, participation in group activities and improve their motor skills while running, jumping and playing during each class session.

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Our class cancellation policy will follow the Fairfax County Public Schools Inclement Weather Policy. See the Program Parent Handbook for details. For more information, please contact the Camp Program Manager at dmerenick@reston.org.

Fit Beginnings

Join your child at Brown’s Chapel participating in a variety of activities as you begin their healthy lifestyle. This class is led by certified personal trainers as they instruct you and the children in interactive games to improve and develop hand-eye coordination, developing motor skills and coordination. We ask that a parent or caregiver participate in this class as well. 

Fit 4 Tots

Fit 4 Tots features exercise, fitness, and the opportunity to learn about healthy living. This  program begins with warm-up exercises followed up with group activities led by certified personal trainers. Each class will be spent learning how the body moves, playing interactive games while gaining self-confidence, and hopefully improving balance and cooperative skills. We ask that a parent or caregiver participate in this class as well.