Speak at a Meeting

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Speak at a Meeting


Reston Association invites all interested members to share their comments with the Board of Directors. The RA board meets on a regular basis to establish policies and procedures for the association, determine long-range mission and goals, and see that the overall organizational goals of Reston Association are accomplished. For a detailed calendar of board meetings for this year, please click here.

If you would like to pre-register to speak at a meeting of the Board of Directors, please email stadele@reston.org. Within two business days of submitting your information, an RA staff member will contact you to confirm your pre-registration.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure your pre-registration, please submit your information (name, contact information, subject matter, etc.) no later than 3 p.m. on the day of a board meeting. Requests for pre-registration submitted after 3 p.m. are not guaranteed.

Tips for Addressing the Board

  • Verbal presentations are timed. Members speaking on behalf of themselves are allotted three minutes to speak, and individuals speaking on behalf of organizations are allotted five minutes to speak.

  • Before beginning your comment to the board, please state your name and address or organizational affiliation.

  • Speakers are encouraged to sit near the front of the board room to allow for easy access to the podium.